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Lip Scrub

Lip Scrub | Cure for Chapped Lips

It’s a recipe… for your face! I have a huge problem with dry lips — in fact, I spend a *lot* of time trying to keep my lips healthy and un-chapped.  There’s nothing more annoying than lipstick that’s flakey or blotchy because your lips are dry and uneven, and sometimes chapstick alone doesn’t do the job. The trick is to get rid of all the dry flaky skin before you moisturize, the same way you’d exfoliate your face (although never use this lip scrub on your face — it’s much too harsh).  Sugar is a terrific natural exfoliant — which is one of the reasons it’s an ingredient in many much more expensive scrubs (I like DIY lip scrub one for the body).

How to make lip scrub at home

Just mix together a packet of sugar in the raw, 1/4 tsp of lip balm, and a few drops of olive oil, and rub them vigorously on your lips for about 60 seconds.  Then wash it all off and put on a layer of plain lip balm.  Do this two or three times a week and you’ll see a huge improvement, winter or summer! And if you want a lip scrub you can carry around on the go, I use disposable mascara wands for this too.  I buy packages of 50 or so wands for about $5 and use the wand as an exfoliator to slough off any pesky dead skin. Quick, easy, and you won’t believe what a difference it


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