Lip Exfoliator

Some people do not exfoliate their skin, much less their lips. Many are not aware of the advantages of using a lip exfoliator. Aside from the fact lip exfoliation is relaxing, there are other added benefits from the process. Here we discuss what lip exfoliation is and any differences from skin exfoliation.

Lip Scrub Lip Exfoliator Gives Lips a Beautiful Healthy LookLip Exfoliator: A Definition

Lip exfoliator functions in the same manner as a skin exfoliator; ridding your lips of dead layers of tissue. Thus, a lip exfoliator is any product with a grainy, or gritty substance designed to scrub your lips of its old skin. It comes in a liquid, gel form and is available at many beauty supply and department stores.  You can also make your own lip exfoliator if you want as it is easy to make one.

The Benefits of A Lip Exfoliator

Exfoliation strips your lips of dry, dull and dead epidermis cells. The process removes old surface layers and brings out new fresh ones.

As you know, cells reproduce only in the basal layer of the epidermis or the outer visible layer that we see. When cells mature, they rise through the inner layer to the outer layer and produce a protein called keratin, which hardens the lining of the mouth and make it safe from cold and heat elements. The skin on the lips is much thinner and therefore more prone to the cold or the heat. The damaging effects of these elements can make your lips rough, sore and cracked. And that is why we need to use lip exfoliator products to rid our lips of old skin cells.

When lips are stripped off dead layers, new layer comes out, making your lips naturally smoother and softer. In addition, removal of dead cells speeds up the renewal process, and using lip exfoliator products makes it possible to have beautiful-looking lips all the time.

Lip exfoliation helps make your lips retain its moisture longer as well, and when your lips is well moisturized, you’re less likely to have cracked or chapped lips.

Achieve Softer, Smoother Lips with a Lip Exfoliator

Indeed, the answer to softer, smother lips is regular exfoliation. Using a lip exfoliator will make your lips feel softer and look plump and beautiful.

Rub the exfoliator on your lips with your finger or a small washcloth. When rubbing your lips with the lip exfoliator, use a circular motion and do not scrub too hard. After several minutes, wash it off with clean water. You can also use a toothbrush as lip exfoliator. Typically a baby’s toothbrush works best. Just put a bit of lip scrub on the bristles and gently rub your lips with the brush. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips with a lip moisturizer every time you exfoliate.

Whether you opt to make your own or buy one from a store, lip exfoliator is definitely the way to go for smooth, soft and beautiful-looking lips.