Diy Lip Scrub That’s Good Enough To Eat

Has winter left you with Freddy Krueger lips? Ugh, me too. So when my chapstick wasn’t cutting it, I took the opportunity to DIY myself a good lip scrub. A lip scrub helps gently remove dead skin and freshen your lips so you can reboot your pout. I … [Continue reading]

DIY Cinnamon Honey Sugar Lip Scrub

As you all know, I'm on my diy "spa" treatment kick and I'm still loving it.  In honor of Valentine's Day, I was looking around the web for a diy lip exfoliation recipe.  I found this great cinnamon honey sugar lip scrub at Deliciously Organized. … [Continue reading]

Best Lip Scrub Recipe for Smooth, Kissable, Luscious Lips!

How to Make an Exfoliating Lip Scrub Want smooth, sexy, supple lips?  Lips need more that just a balm or gloss to keep them silky, kissable, and hydrated.  Exfoliate!  Say goodbye to dry flaky lips with these easy lip scrub recipes that use some … [Continue reading]

Homemade Edible Sugar Lip Scrub

  Edible Brown Sugar Lip Scrub We all long for plump and luscious lips. With this sugar lip scrub it will help you to have a perfect kissable pout and will exfoliate all of the dead skin. This sugar lip scrub will help to make your lip gloss go … [Continue reading]

DIY – Sugar Lip Scrub

Perfect eyes – Check Chic hairdo – Check. Luscious lips? Oops. DIY Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe Chapped lips are not just a look-killer; they hurt, bleed and look plain bad.  But there is no problem to which we don’t have a solution! The tenets of … [Continue reading]

Easy DIY Vanilla Lip Scrub Recipe for Dry, Chapped Lips

DIY Vanilla Lip Scrub My lips get so dry in the winter, so I use a DIY vanilla lip scrub to keep them kissably soft.  Not only is this scrub easy to make, but it is also very effective at loosening dead skin.  Use this easy vanilla lip scrub once or … [Continue reading]

Best Lip Scrub Recipe Ever

Best Lip Scrub Recipe for Smooth, Kissable, Luscious Lips! Want kissable, luscious lips? Here’s a recipe for the best lip scrub ever! Lips do not have hair, nor do they have sebaceous glands, so they are more prone to become dry and chapped … [Continue reading]

Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

  Homemade Brown Sugar Lip Scrub Dry, chapped lips are no fun. Luckily you don’t need to buy expensive lip exfoliator when you already have the ingredients for a tasty and homemade lip scrub in your kitchen pantry. Making your own … [Continue reading]

DIY Lip Scrub

                                                                                        DIY Lip Scrub Popcorn Lip Scrub Hey girls! You're in for a treat today, a chocolate treat! Everyone loves chocolate right? I have a homemade completely … [Continue reading]

Edible Sugar Lip Scrub

DIY Sugar Lip Scrub Although this sugar lip scrub recipe has little nutritional value, it will help to de-flake your pucker for a perfectly kissable pout. This DIY exfoliating sugar lip scrub will invigorate and plump your kisser for a lip-gloss … [Continue reading]