DIY – Sugar Lip Scrub

Perfect eyes – Check

Chic hairdo – Check.

Luscious lips? Oops.

DIY Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe

Chapped lips are not just a look-killer; they hurt, bleed and look plain bad.  But there is no problem to which we don’t have a solution! The tenets of lip care: Exfoliate and moisturize. And can it get any easier if all you need to make your own sugar lip scrub is just an arm’s length away from you? It’s cheap, easy to make and the best part is you know what goes into it. Pure organic stuff that’ll give you lovely, soft smackers. Your lips will love you for the pampering you are about to shower on them.

You will need:

1 tbsp brown sugar (white will do too)
1 tbsp honey
½ tbsp olive oil
½ tbsp petroleum jelly
A few drops of vanilla essence (Optional)
A non-metallic bottle or jar to store your sugar lip scrub


Sugar Lip Scrub


Steps To Follow:

Step : 1

Start by adding the sugar to the honey. Don’t fret if you don’t have brown sugar. White sugar is just its refined cousin, and totally useable in this case.

Step : 2

Add the petroleum jelly, give it a mix and then add the olive oil. Olive oil is packed with moisture that chapped lips need.

Step : 3

In goes your vanilla essence, or basically any flavor you want to infuse in your scrub. Give it a good mix till everything is properly mixed.

Step : 4

And voila! That’s your very own sugar lip scrub, ready in less than 10 minutes.

Step : 5

Plop this heavenly gooey scrub into a plastic or glass jar, an airtight one and it will stay in the refrigerator for around 2 weeks.


Bring it to room temperature before you use it. Apply the scrub on your lips, leave on for a minute or two- this way it will soften up your dead cells. Then using your index finger, scrub with light pressure and wash and wife off with a napkin. You lips are oh-so-ready-for-red lipstick! Don’t forget to moisturize them every night.