DIY : Peppermint Sugar Lip Scrub

Bold lips have always been my beauty signature. And I’ll let you in on a little secret : the key to owning the look is starting off with a smooth, debris-free canvas.

The Lip Scrub

The solution, I found, is in a tiny pot of lip-smacking deliciousness I call the Peppermint Sugar Lip Scrub. The best part about it? I made it myself. Even better, it took a total of five minutes!
Here is the lazy girl’s answer to a pout worth shouting about.
Lip Scrub

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly : Chemist | Sugar Cubes, mint flavour and food colouring : Local grocer | Bowl, spoon : Kitchen | Jar : Old lip balm


After trial and error, I discovered that regular sugar was too chunky and castor sugar was too smooth for a lip scrub. Sugar cubes give you the best gritty texture to really get rid of all the dead skin. Use any heavy object you find to help crush the sugar cubes (I used two cubes)


Add about half a teaspoon spoon of Vaseline to the crushed sugar and mix. Add more if you feel the need. This lip scrub isn’t really about specific portions, but going along with what texture you want (how smooth / grainy) and how big your jar is.


This step is completely optional. If you don’t want the colour or the strong mint flavour, feel free to avoid it completely.

If you do, be sure to go slow. Add a drop at a time of each and sample as you go along. If you don’t have a dropper, dip a toothpick in the bottle and wait for a drop to form at the end.


Mix well with a spoon (Don’t use your fingers unless you want them to be pink for a week after. The food colouring┬áreally┬ástains) and add to a lip balm jar.



Your new lip scrub is easy to tote around, costs close to nothing, is completely edible and barely took any time away from being fabulous!