DIY Lip Scrub For Soft & Supple Lips!

Make Up Tip: Soft, Supple Lips

Supple Lips

If your living in a region where it’s still pretty cold like me, It can be hard transitioning your make-up trends from winter to spring when your lips are chapped and dry. Who wants that cute coral color on top of a flaky pout? The answer to that question is no secret. To get soft and supple lips that is color-ready, try out this lip scrub I have created below. It will rid your lips of any dead skin, as well as help hydrate them in order to preserve your colors. A bonus? All of these ingredients are edible, so it won’t harm you if you manage to get some in your mouth (This recipe is also very sweet… It’s not cheating if it’s an accident, right?).

Easy Lip Care Tips for Soft, Supple Lips

2 Tablespoons Sugar РThe sugar in this recipe will be the mechanical exfoliant and abrasiveness you need in order to shed the dead skin and smooth out the surface of your lips. If you have sensitive skin, try using all natural or organic brown sugar; this way, the chemicals will not irritate your lips.


1 Teaspoon Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, or Almond Oil – All of these oils are excellent at providing the soft and supple lips with the hydration that they are lacking. Olive and almond oil are both liquid at room temperature, but in order to use coconut oil, you will need to heat it for only a few seconds in the microwave. You can also use all of these oils if you wish, but only use enough of each to add all up to one teaspoon.

olive oil soap1

1 Teaspoon Honey – Honey is an incredible hydrating ingredient, and provides this recipe with the stickiness you’ll need when you’re working with it. Trust me, it’s incredibly annoying when you are trying to apply to solution to your lips and scrub around when it’s just dropping off of your mouth!


This is the basic recipe that I have found that works best with everyone, but can be altered depending on your preferences, needs, and the things you have in your kitchen. Other things you can use include¬†avocados, egg yolk, and much more! Be sure to freely alter this recipe’s ratio, since this is just a rough one that I use. Your mixture should turn out to be a thick paste.

I hope this recipe helps you get soft & supple lips, as well as helps you come up with a couple of ideas on you own!